Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Observed on first nine days (Padyami – Navami) of shukla paksha of Ashviyuja (Ashvin) month of Hindu Calendar signifies the triumph of good over evil. Navaratri puja brings peace and prosperity in the lives of devotees.

Key Insights:

  • Main Deity – Goddess Durga
  • Prosperity, peace
  • Padyami – Navami of shukla paksha of Ashviyuja

Our Promise:

  • Highly qualified and experienced priests certified by Vedic Patashala
  • Rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures
  • High quality Puja Samagri
  • Reliability and authenticity
  • Professional Guidance & Support 
Pooja will be performed in : Location : At My Home / Function Hall

Pooja Samagri

Maa Durga image or vigraham                                1

Kalash Pot                                                               1

Fruits                                                                       Bananas and any other

Flowers                                                                    5 varieties

Mango Leaves                                                         5

Betel leaves and nuts                                               1 bunch

Kumkum                                                                 1 packet

Saffron                                                                    1 small box

Turmeric                                                                  1 packet

Akshata                                                                   1 packet

Rice                                                                         1 kg

Mantap                                                                    1

Deepas (lamps)                                                        2

Arati lamp                                                               1                           

Camphor                                                                  1 packet

Incense sticks                                                          1 packet

Ghee                                                                        1 packet

Pancha amruth (ghee, milk, curd, honey, sugar)

Coconut                                                                   2

Nutana Vastram

Puja Conchshell

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