Diwali Laksmi Pooja

Diwali Laksmi Pooja

It is believed that Lakshmi visits every home on Deepavali. Worshipping and performing Puja on Deepavali, Goddess Lakshmi showers the devotees with fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Key Insights

  • Main Deity – Goddess Lakshmi
  • Prosperity, peace. wealth
  • Amavasya or new moon day of Ashviyuja month

Our Promise

  • Highly qualified and experienced priests certified by Vedic Patashala
  • Rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures
  • High quality Puja Samagri
  • Reliability and authenticity
  • Professional Guidance & Support


Pooja will be performed in : Location : At My Home / Function Hall

Pooja Samagri

Lakshmi and ganesha idols/image                            1

Kalash Pot                                                              1

Fruits                                                                     Bananas and any other

Flowers                                                                  5 varieties

Mango Leaves                                                         5

Betel leaves and nuts                                              1 bunch

Kumkum                                                                1 packet

Saffron                                                                  1 small box

Turmeric                                                                1 packet

Akshata                                                                 1 packet

Rice                                                                      1 kg

Mantap                                                                 1

Bilva and Tulasi leaves

Standing lamps                                                      2

Deepas (lamps)                                                      as many

Arati lamp                                                              1                           

Camphor                                                                1 packet

Incense sticks                                                         1 packet

Ghee                                                                      1 packet

Pancha amruth (ghee, milk, curd, honey, sugar)

Coconut                                                                  2

Nutana Vastram

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