1. Do familiarize yourself with the layout of the community and seek the help of the PropCare personnel if required.
  2. Do take a copy of the Guidelines for Shifting from PropCare.
  3. Do keep the corridors free of any obstacles for movement and flow of maintenance personnel.
  4. Do contact PropCare with respect to any housekeeping/maintenance services or facility/connection like Telecommunications (intercom),Television (DTH cable), Water, Electricity (including DG Backup), Cooking Gas etc.
  5. Do co-operate with the PropCare Team that visits your apartment(s) for any inspection(s).
  6. Do take all vendor Vehicle(s) and related material to the Basement(s) and use the Service Lift only.
  7. Do please note that we urge you to behave with dignity and decorum at all times.
  8. Do note the below for interior works and disposal of related debris:
    1. Every apartment owner must deposit a refundable amount of ₹10,000/-* to PropCare before starting interior work and work will be stopped in case of non-receipt of the same.
    2. Disposal of the interior debris in the corridor/common area is not allowed and ensure that your garbage vendor collects the debris on time. PropCare Team shall provide a garbage disposal vendor for a one-time payment of ₹6,000/-*. A fine of ₹10,000/-* shall be imposed on the apartment owner(s) if interior materials are either stored or debris are disposed off in the corridor(s) and/or at the common area(s).
  9. Do note the below for Gruhapravesam:
    1. Contact PropCare and intimate them about the details of the Ceremony (Apartment No., Date and no. of expected Guests) and upon intimation, they shall switch on your Water and Electricity connections plus they shall also inform the Entry Gate Security (for Guests' Entry and Parking).
    2. Ensure the Corridor(s) are free of obstacles (like furniture, waste bins etc.).
    3. Serving of F & B in the Apartment is not allowed and not recommended since arrangements for the same has been made at Basement 1 (exclusive area for F&B).
    4. Therefore, ensure that the catering company/person is given information about the same (not to use common area).
    5. Catering company/person needs to take any leftover F&B with them and not leave it behind.
    6. Throw waste/trash in designated bins and not have it scattered around.


  1. Do not use security, housekeeping, or any other maintenance staff for your personal errands. However,you may request them in lifting/moving heavy objects or assisting the elderly and/or the needy, whenever required.
  2. Do not throw any type of waste from the balcony, window(s) or corridor(s).
  3. Do not undertake any modifications on any external areas, ie. facade’, common wall(s), windows etc. Similarly, do not close the balcony area or put up grills on the window(s) externally. Please contact PropCare for any clarifications and/or queries.

For any clarifications or queries, please download the ONE CITY Handover Manual or reach our PropCare Team at +91 91006 80958, +91 40 6818 1289.

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