Thoughtfully designed features

Designed to receive maximum natural light

The layout of our towers is such that each apartment receives sufficient natural light. Apart from giving the interiors a fresh look, exposure to sunlight is good for health. One City has been scientifically designed so for this purpose.

Landscaping by MOFA

MOFA is a boutique architectural design consultancy, interested in master planning, urban design, architecture & landscape. They offer comprehensive services of displaying concept through detailed design that creates timeless and sustainable environments.

They're capable of creating high profile projects varying from large multifunctional sites to small intimate spaces. With a focus on people-centric projects, they endeavour to explore the relationship between the built-form and nature.

MOFA architects have successfully completed over 30 million sq.ft. In India and overseas, responsibly creating architecture with a purpose.

Assortment of Flora

We have planted a wide range of exotic flowering trees, exotic palms, shrubs, ground covers and plant palette throughout the landscape so that you can enjoy greenery throughout the year.

Camouflaging outdoor units from plain sight

We have placed all service and outdoor units out of plain sight so that the elegance of the building is maintained and there are no cluttered wires lying around in the corner.

Designed by Edifice Consultants

Edifice brings with it an excellent track record and expertise to the One City project. Edifice Consultants is a 23 year old architectural thought leader with a designer strength of 200 and is spread across 7 Indian cities. Edifice has consistently featured in the list of India's Top Architects since 2010. Edifice has successfully delivered over 800 projects across Asia & Europe. They are also the architects for INDIS's flagship project- PBEL City.

Yoga deck in the lap of nature

This is a setting that Yoga lovers will appreciate. At One City, you can practise yoga in a serene environment of fresh air. It is strategically placed with an overview of the aesthetically designed landscape where you can enjoy your peaceful hour any time of the day.

Naturally ventilated lobbies and staircases

Our design features natural ventilation in the lobbies and staircases.

Premium View for every Tower

Every tower is planned to provide a premium view, so that you can enjoy the panoramic view of the community like the swimming pool, paved plaza, the alluring garden etc. This scenic view allows you to appreciate your community better and feel a sense of belonging to the community.

Majestic entrance lobby

To improve the aesthetics of the township, we are building towers with double heighted lobbies. You get a grand, spacious and imposing looking lobby with a premium feel.

T5 LED Lighting for energy efficiency

Compared to a normal light bulb or LED, T5 LEDs are more energy efficient and have a longer life span. Another reason why we prefer the T5 LEDs is that they are made from non-toxic and earth-friendly material, which is recyclable.

Windward facing towers

Just like the scientifically built historical monuments, One City towers are positioned in relation with the wind direction. Enjoy natural cooling at your home and maximised cross ventilation. For all you know, you might even save on electricity bills!

STP Treated water for Flushing & Landscaping

Water is a precious resource which is why we have planned an in-house Sewage Treatment Plant at One City. This helps recycle sewage water so that the recycled water can be used for gardening, irrigation, flushing etc.

Maximum Landscape View

Thoughtfully placed in the site layout, most flats will have uninterrupted views of the beautiful gardens and elegantly set-up scenery of the community

Lawns and Open Spaces

We have plenty of open spaces and lawns at One City which are not only visually soothing and appealing, but also provide with ample spaces to play sports and host other recreational activities.

Rainwater harvesting

One City is equipped with a rainwater harvesting facility. Rainwater harvesting helps improve the groundwater levels by accumulating the rain water into its scientifically designed pits. Also it prevents the flooding of low lying areas.

Distinct facade design

For a pleasant view from your balcony, our design partner Edifice has intelligently broken the monotony providing different balcony types in intervals. Not only does this make every balcony unique, it also gives each home the privacy it needs.

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