Thoughtfully designed features

Sports Arena

One City is more than a residential community. It's not just your home where you live, but it's your space to grow. One City outdoor grounds provide facilities for Sports activities such as Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, and an exclusive play area for younger kids. You may also use the grounds to organise large-scale celebratory functions.

Clubhouse and an active social life

We believe that good relations within the residential community adds value to your personal and domestic life. Hence, at One City a well-equipped clubhouse is at the heart of the community. The clubhouse is the ideal space to unwind with your neighbours, and host social gatherings. The bonus point here is that Clubhouse cuts down your expenditure on venues for events.

Indoor games with spectator stands

We have provided indoor facilities for badminton & squash with attached spectator stands so that residents across age groups can bond over sports. While professionals thrash it out on the courts, their friends can cheer them on.

Facilities for Outdoor Community Events

Hosting community celebrations on a larger level can be a challenge as organisers try to get electricity to the ad hoc stage, provisioning water etc. We have specially designed outdoor access points for electricity, water etc. You can now plan community celebrations for festivals and other occasions or even host public events without any hassles.

Multiplex nextdoor

We aspire to provide most of the urban conveniences to you at a comfortable distance. A multiplex is planned near your home.

Yoga deck in the lap of nature

This is a setting that Yoga lovers will appreciate. At One City, you can practise yoga in a serene environment of fresh air. It is strategically placed with an overview of the aesthetically designed landscape where you can enjoy your peaceful hour any time of the day.

Home beyond your home - a Place-making Concept

Your comfort was the prime focus of our design team while designing One City. The place-making concept capitalises on the local community’s assets, aspirations and potentials. Place-making leads to creation of quality public spaces that will contribute to your health and well being. This also leads to your community coming together as one through the medium of various fun activities utilising the amenities with your active participation.

Premium View for every Tower

Every tower is planned to provide a premium view, so that you can enjoy the panoramic view of the community like the swimming pool, paved plaza, the alluring garden etc. This scenic view allows you to appreciate your community better and feel a sense of belonging to the community.

A Touch of Difference

In a typical apartment setting, the balcony is attached to the living room. However in One City, the balcony is attached to your dining area. It provides you a panoramic view and also acts as an inlet for fresh air.

Vehicle Free Podium Level

With designated pickup and drop points at podium level, our vehicle free podium ,excepting at the peripheries, will provide vast free space while also preserving the aesthetics of the community. You can breathe easy while your children run around & play.

Coffee shop and Library

Our clubhouse has a coffee shop and a reading library so that you can grab a cuppa while reading your favourite paperback. A peaceful space with ample privacy allows you to be in your own world and enjoy peace of mind.

Community Halls & Party Lawns

Multipurpose halls, party lawns for hosting get togethers for residents are aimed at improving the community life of One City. We attach a lot of importance to celebrations and ceremonies. One City makes sure that the celebrations remain an integral part of your lives.

Community centric culture

INDIS interest is not just in building homes, but in building large, active communities. A phenomena well-proved through PBEL City, Hyderabad. INDIS brings its residents together by organising large social events such as concerts, fest, festival celebrations and other cultural events.

Densely shaded green areas

Our design has retained the open green spaces in the vicinity. These spaces will remain well-shaded throughout the year. These green spaces will relatively ease the temperatures during hot summer days for outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities to stay Fit

We are providing facilities like outdoor gym, cycling track, jogging track etc at One City. You can utilise the facilities to emulate PBEL City’s successful community model at One City and organise fitness events so that the entire community can have a healthy and an exuberant life styles.

Moments of Leisure

Small joys of life, like strolling around the apartments is a pleasure at One City. With comfortable seats of pergolas placed every few yards, catch up with the neighbours or make the best use of your leisure time at trellis, amphi-theatre and seating plazas.

Indoor Fitness Facilities

An active lifestyle keeps you energetic and helps you cope with stress better. That's the idea behind our indoor facilities like gymnasium, meditation halls and aerobics, which are chosen so that you can lead a healthy life, even on those rainy days!

Swimming Pool with Kids pool

Make your family time a lot more fun in the Swimming pool. Often parents can't stop worrying about their kids who have just begun swimming. At One City we provide a simple solution - an additional Swimming Pool just for the kids, where they can learn comfortably and swim safely.

Maximum Landscape View

Thoughtfully placed in the site layout, most flats will have uninterrupted views of the beautiful gardens and elegantly set-up scenery of the community

Lawns and Open Spaces

We have plenty of open spaces and lawns at One City which are not only visually soothing and appealing, but also provide with ample spaces to play sports and host other recreational activities.

Uninterrupted View from your home

The design of the towers has been done with lot of thought so as to ensure that no tower blocks the field of view of another tower. This feature is unique to One City and has been specially designed with your experience in mind.

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